This is considered to be your short cut to the highest stages of the game, start increasing in level and advance to reach the highest rated ones, and also with some little help of the generated gems of Yu Gi OH Duel Links hack, you should be facing no issue at the time you spending on the game.


Start Collecting the Dropped Gifts.

The gifts are considered to be one of the main sources of powers here, so when it comes to power you should be understanding that winning battles is the first option to gain resources as after each duel you win you get to receive experience points and sometimes random drops such as cards that can be used later into your deck, and on the other hand you can be getting resources as well by unlocking new areas and discovering new places, each new achievement you unlock will result with some amazing rewards such as orbs and gems, and they are considered to be the main currency in this game as well and they can be replaced using the Yu Gi OH Duel Links hack as it is does the same purpose but for much lower effort, you can be simply getting them results, we can guarantee you that the game will get much smoother and easier once you start using. But there is another legal way to get resources at the game which is the gifts system, if you managed to use it probably you will be making fortunes and no need to use the cheat,  and now let me explain to you exactly how to use it, the gifts at the game are dropped randomly through the duel world in crates form, so you can find them at any spot it has no specific locations that gets dropped at, and these gifts contain gold, gate keys or maybe orbs, so make sure that while you are walking around that if you ever found a gift just tap on it and claim it to become yours.

This IS A New Missioning System

Now we should be moving on to the missions and how they are organized in this game, we are starting with the stage missions, the stage you are playing in actually reflects your own level at the game, so the higher your stage is the higher your level in the game will be, start playing the game and enjoying it, but do not let anything else stops you from achieving the highest stages of the game by the help of the Yu Gi OH Duel Links Cheats, but as you increase in the level, some benefits comes along it is not just an ordinary leveling up that everyone would be looking for, watch the maximum number of the duelists you saw around walking increase, as they will star increasing and giving you better chances of defeating them, and also new facilities and occasions will get unlocked if you increase up your stage level.