As you are landing on this island after many battles and adventures, you need to understand that the most interesting part about the game is actually the storyline, as you will start to fight your way off to the top the pirates world, and this is not an easy mission as many other pirates are actually fighting for the same goal and cause, but you need to be smarter than them by staying one step ahead of them, and to provide you with some extra help and hints keep reading the optimum one piece thousand storm Cheats so you would be having zero problems with the amount of coins you spending on your heroes and characters, also getting to see the true side of creating allies and friendships is actually important, as you will never make it to the top without others help, send invitations to all your friends so they can enter the game and enjoy it with you together, they can also provide you with cards as a help, but later on here we shall be talking with more details about the cards and the importance of them to your journey at the game, but overall nothing beats the help of one piece thousand storm hack, as it is going to be your best friend at the game, maybe because with the coins you shall go to the further point at the game with the minimum amount of effort.

Match The Cards Correctly with Your Hero.

And now we shall move to the cards section and the importance of it your hero, you need to know that equipping your character with the right card that matches you’re playing style which will automatically increase the synergy between all your abilities, shall boost you up by margins and make the battles experience a whole new story, it is no longer simple and easy as you expect.

Also remember that after each mission you will be completing successfully it shall reward you with a fine number of resources, which is based all about your performance at the game, and the end there you shall be seeing boxes wait for you, these boxes once you open them it shall give you a random reward, as it might be an item that you could use or maybe a booster, or even some coins that can be used to purchase upgrades and improvement for your hero in the game.

Pay Attention to Your Heroes Stamina.

Since the game will allow you to recruit new heroes to fight with you in your journey and that is actually a very interesting part because you will need some help at the game to fight off scary monsters and achieve your goal at the game, pay a visit to your homeland because each hero has the stamina, and this stamina can be consumed after each hero enters a battle, so pay attention to it or maybe even purchase some stamina boosters as they can be sold for coins in the shop and use the one piece thousand storm cheats to be able to afford it.