This is like the best thing could ever happen to you, start expensing real life events with full dialogues and different reactions to it, which could lead to a whole new story. Live the life you ever wanted and download the game on your device for free without any extra charges.

On or Off Notification?

As you first start the game, you will notice that there are many options available for you to choose from, but let’s take things easier and go step by step at the amazing Choices Stories You Play game. Let’s start with the settings menu and how it can be fixed and edited with simple tap ones, and the first feature we will be having here and going to speak in details about is the Notifications reminder, you know those games that keeps getting you notified with the latest updates and upgrades occurs to the game while you are away, for example if you ever got received some gems and a gift or even a mission that you been waiting for has been unlocked and can be played now for free, you should be receiving a notification on your mobile but sometimes such an options becomes a power bugger to the device, and starts to drain a lot of its battery, so we do not fully recommend you to turn it on, but also keep in mind that you will get notified once you use the Choices Stories You Play Cheats and receive the desired amount of diamonds into your account right away for free.

So if you were a big fan of the game and already hooked up with it and have many feelings on with you, we do sincerely recommend you do turn the option on so whatever you are doing and wherever you are, your game news shall be following you everywhere, and don’t forget the Choices Stories You Play hack, which is considered your best bet at the moment so far to progress and unlock tons of the game features.


Use Social Accounts TO Save Your Progress.

The second option we are about to cover here so far is Logging with the Facebook or Gmail account.

Of course everyone around here has a Facebook or a Gmail account, maybe not Facebook since not everyone a fan of it and like to use these social network thing, but as an android user your Gmail must be up and ready for usage, let’s talk about the advantage and positive things you could be receiving from using such a feature.

After using the Gmail or Facebook as your login accounts, all your progressed and saved will be automatically improved and moved to them accounts, which means you can simply start using these accounts as your online data progression holder, so whenever you want to access your records you can simply pay a visit to the game accounts page and check out on your Social login statues, plus the usage of Choices Stories You Play hack, would allow you to have extra resources saved there.