The other beautiful prowess remains its choice of more balanced roster between the bat family and the others and a VF always convincing even if the casting all star in VO carries the adhesion. As such play with the English voices will not ask you this time to change the language of your console.

Finally if the sound design turns out worked the music aside from the main theme are less memorable even if some epic accents are found. Pity. However, I was really surprised by all the punchlines that the characters send themselves to the figure, maybe that the game is too wordy, but the lines of text and the dialogues adapted to each confrontation make it a living game.


Esport wore stick, an online mode that holds the road

Ed Boon had announced, he kept promise, Injustice 2 Cheats has a sport side already detailed in the gameplay at the beginning of the test. Tournaments and their cash prize with the modest sum of $ 600,000 to win. The Pro series that you can find on Twitch since May 26 already show promising things and players who have well dosed all that. We are far from this disgusting finale of Injustice 1 of the Evo with a Superman against … .Superman, completely wild character in the first version of the game (before DLC).

And if you feel the soul of challenging the whole world with your bossed personal for hours in training you will enjoy these ranked online games (where the loot and armor aspect has gone) but at impeccable netcode. Beware however the online level is ruthless especially on the side of the Ricans. Be prepared to insult your TV and your controller, it’s always the fault of the controller anyway.

The versus in local is also present, with fashions friendly, enough to spend your evenings beer pizza among friends in games where bad faith will prevail as always.

After more than 25h spent on the title Injustice 2 proves to be a solid investment for little we love DC and fighting games. With a technique that makes him return with honors in the court of serious fighting games and which by the grace of Hera come out finished. His artistic direction is much more successful but uneven once again and the title teems with many modes. The game is very solid and pure happiness for the lover of the DC Universe. Only shadow on the board may be that the game does not take enough by the hand beginners, especially to teach them to master their heroes (or naughty). More nervous and lively characters are better animated even if it is still perfectible. Only shadow on the board these micro-transactions and this policy of DLC entered into the manners of the fighting games.

It is under the guise of Red Hood that Jason Todd will arrive in a next DLC for Injustice 2. The young protege of Batman, who took a time Robin’s costume before being brutally assassinated by the Joker, returns from The dead thanks to the Well of Lazarus. Unfortunately, the effects of the well have a cost and it is no longer the same. He now uses the Red Hood costume to engage in a merciless fight against crime.
Red Hood will be part of the first DLC pack that will also include the Starfire and Sub-zero characters (yes, the character of Mortal Kombat). No date announced for now, but we should learn more in the next videos that will present the other two characters.